Employee Handbook - Useful Tool or Doorstop?

Do your company's policies stay on the shelf?

If you are the owner of head of a small company, you may or may not have put together an employee handbook. In fact, most business owners with small teams of four or five people usually ignore or are not aware of the importance of an employee handbook.

For many of us who did "time" in the corporate world, the term employee handbook will conjure up images of a document that was rarely read and mostly intimidating. But the modern version of a handbook is designed to do more than just relay the "do's and don'ts"of company business. The modern handbook serves to foster a positive company culture. Understanding and being clear about your company culture should be top on your list as you create, add on to your start-up or modify your business core values.

There are many benefits to crafting a readable employee handbook. One of the most important benefits is that it forces you to familiarize yourself with local, state and federal employment policies. The United States Department of Labor is a good place to start gathering information.

The second key benefit is that it encourages you to reflect on the kind of "culture" that you want to foster within the company. Your corporate culture is really part of your brand. As such it relays to your employees or potential hires your values as a company.... what is important and how you see your mission and vision. Plus, it fosters employee loyalty. In other words, a good handbook is one of the most important communication pieces your company will have - both internal and external.

Office Hours Kennett is very lucky and happy to welcome Susan Fiorentino, one of our area's leading experts on HR policies and Law for small businesses and start-ups. In her presentation she will share the Top 5 human resource policy musts that every small business of less than 100 employees must have in place to not only protect their business, but to create the kind of business culture necessary for long term success.

Register today for our November 21st session at The Creamery!

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