White Collar Crime – It’s Not What You Think

Forewarned is forearmed... sot he saying goes. But frequently we neglect to heed the warnings because...well it can't happen to us. Not my trusted employees. Not my people. This is a completely understandable feeling. After all - we like to believe the best in people. We also like to believe the best in our own judgement.

A 2017 CNBC survey revealed that workplace crime is costing US businesses $50 billion a year. Now that is a BIG number. How do you wrap your head around the idea that your business might be a part of that number? The answer is - you look at the trends and facts coming from a reliable source who knows your community like the back of his/her hand. That is why Office Hours Kennett is very pleased to welcome Kennett Township Chief of Police Lydell Nolt to share with us accurate information on how crime affects our workplace in the Kennett area.

Just look at the breakdown of theft schemes as presented by CNBC.


The most surprising discovery for me was the relatively low impact of Merchandise or property theft as compared to outright funds theft and vendor fraud. Chief Nolt will compare these trends with trends in our local area. This graph doesn't even cover the impact, losses and liability due to drug abuse or other related offenses. Chief Nolt will fill in some of those blanks for us.

The other question that this graph brings to mind is one of liability and restitution. How do we handle the fallout once a crime has been discovered? Chief Nolt plans to discuss these issues and more in our March 28th presentation "Stop, Look & Listen - Crime in the Workplace" at The Creamery.

I for one am very interested in hearing what Chief Nolt has to say. This is an Office Hours Kennett not to be missed. Spread the word. Register today!

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